How to get the best from this forum feedback and comments

has been updated to reflect the use of the Discourse forum

The tutorial How to get the best out of this forum has been updated to reflect the use of the Discourse forum.

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions for improvements for the instructions please post them here.

Thank you.


Thanks Perry.

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Hi Perry,

especially for people that are in a hurry the explanations should show the quick way - if a quick way is possible and does the same thing.
I have a pre-defined hotstring that pasts the following text

You should post code by using code-tags
There is an automatic function for doing this in the Arduino-IDE
just three steps

  1. press Ctrl-T for autoformatting your code
  2. do a rightclick with the mouse and choose "copy for forum"
  3. paste clipboard into write-window of a posting

What do you think about adding this in the code problem section of your text?

best regards Stefan

Hi Stefan,
I think it already tells you how to do that, just not in the way you say

That idea bothers me, people in a hurry should slow down and think about the best way to get help and take the time to post something that's likely to get a useful answer. Of course we know they won't, they will post something badly thought through and impossible to answer, but for those people no instructions will help because they are too lazy to read them.


Thanks for the very good explanaitions. I have e question regarding cross postings: I assume that the majority of the user don't read both the English and, for instance the German Forum. So would it be ok to place a question in these two forums?

That is still considered cross posting, and likely to get one of the posts deleted.

You would still get volunteers to work on the same issue but not knowing what’s discussed on the other side or if the solution has already been provided. That’s a part of their lifetime wasted, and they could have helped someone else instead.

That’s why it’s not welcome.

(I do read / participate in multiple languages and other do too, often native language and English is common for many regulars that have English as a second language)

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I think this section is very helpfull since many users, especially new once, have wrong expectations and dont know the do's and dont's. But I see it as a disadvantage that also in the German part ist is only available in English. I have started to translate it with the help of a translation tool. If the admin is interested I can complete it. If you want to see the current status, just give me a hint where I can upload it.

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Hello @deytron
Is German your native language? If so please do the translation. I agree it should be in the appropriate language for the section it's in, I just didn't have any native German speakers to do the translation. Same goes for the other languages.

I suggest you send me a PM and do the translation in the PM so only you and I can see it, when you are happy with it I'll move it to the German section.

Thanks for offering to do this.

@pert Are you OK with this?

Sure. Thanks @deytron! Is this the topic in question?

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Yes and yes. I am a native speaker and that is the topic I am going to translate.

Good :slight_smile:
This one: How to get the best out of this forum
Nick Gammon's was the original, mine is the current version (and all respect to Nick for what he did!)

Please explain how this will be done.

Are you going to put all the translations in the How to get the best out of this forum topic?

From this statement by @deytron:

I guessed that the proposal was to put a translated copy of the How to get the best out of this forum content in a dedicated topic in the Deutsch forum category. Since Nick Gammon's topic in the Deutsch category has been converted into a simple redirect to How to get the best out of this forum and likely has a lot of backlinks, it seemed the most appropriate dedicated topic.

That would make sense, the French or Italian forum for example do so with stickies that are often referred to

The existing topic I mentioned is a sticky (AKA "pinned" in Discourse jargon).

I've invited you to the private discussion between @deytron and me.

I would not think that was a good idea! My thinking is the German version should replace the English version on the German forum, similarly if anyone does translations into other languages.

What do you think?

100% aligned. that's where it needs to be

Please post a link to the topic.

I think it's fine, but I was confused because when I asked which topic we were talking about you linked to this one:

I think as @deytron is a German speaker and it's for his section of the forum I'll accept his advice on which version is best.