Export firmware from Arduino to PC

Hi to everyone,

it is possible to upload firmware (program i made and uploaded to Arduino in a past) installed previously FROM Arduino TO pc?

The reason is i need to change some part of software but i lost files and only correct version of program is into Arduino memory. Only solution is to remake from the beginning or Arduino provide some tools to recover my program?

Thanks to all

You could recover the file you have on the Arduino, unfortunately it will probably be of no use to you. It is the compiled version and not the nice easy to read code you created previously.

Thank you so much for your answer even if it is not good news for me best regards

Thank you so much for your answer even if it is not good news for me

While it isn't good news (been there, done that a couple times in my life), have you learned the lesson?


My current backup solution is an 800 GB FreeNAS (BSD) server sitting on my network, in which I have each of my workstations making an hourly differential backup to (and once a month a full backup is done); this was all done using FreeNAS and the simplified backup tools on Ubuntu. Something similar could be easily done with Windows. I am currently also planning on building a 1 TB USB drive to have the FreeNAS server backup itself to on a daily basis; the server is also used as a fileserver for a variety of data that I don't want to have to reload (that took a while off the collection of CDs/DVDs I have).

Even if it is only a thumbdrive, or a second dedicated drive (internal or external), it will be worth it, no matter what the cost. The key, though, is that the backup should be automatic. If you say to yourself "I'll just back it up on occasion", you will eventually forget, or get lazy, or some other combination, and then "disaster" will hit. Trust me on this; I've seen it happen far too often to others over the decades.

Finally, when your bacon needs saving, having a backup is really nice. I once had my motherboard fail, which took my hard drive with it (the hard drive didn't fail, the data was just bad) - after buying a new motherboard and other needed items, I had my system back up and running in a few hours, with all the data (minus an hour's worth) from the backup on my server (different server - it was a custom homebrew Debian-based backup system).


very very good explanation about backup. You are really in right backup is most important things in informatic era.
And problems, this is my experience, is some time you think “this is only an example , when i’ll be ready i’m going to make correct program”. You don’t care about files and a lot month later… you forget where files are and what you wrote inside so you need to restart from the beginning.



You are really in right backup is most important things in informatic era.

Backing up data has always been important in computing; way back in the day they used to back data up on redundant sets of punched cards, or extra spools of punched tape, for instance!

I learned my lesson in high school (1988ish?) after I lost not once, but twice, code I had written for a text adventure game on the Apple IIe (in AppleSoft BASIC). The standard floppy drives on the Apple IIe were cheap pieces of s**t where the head positioning assembly was made out of plastic and other cheap methods (these weren't the robust TEAC drives like I had on my TRS-80 Color Computer!). They'd get out of alignment and poof! there went your data. My only backup ended up being a printout.