extend a motor shaft?


Trying to extend a motor shaft to do something similar to this: http://web.media.mit.edu/~stefanm/TinyProjector/TinyProjector_files/TinyProjector2_pics_62.JPG

Now that I see it again, it kind of looks like this person taped it, but maybe there is a better way? I need it to be 8 inches or so (heh)


Another idea is perhaps a metal rod that has a 2mm hole inside to slide over the shaft, and ends in some interface that could grab on to the mirror (the thing rotating around the rod). With 2 of these I could grab the mirror from both sides, know what I mean? Anything like that?

I experimented with taking the metal screw thingy out of a piece of connector block- see pic if you don’t know what I’m talking about… Cut the plastic off with a Stanley knife or side-cutters and you have a nice small hollow tube with a screw at each end and it can connect rods just as if they were wires.

Only problem is the eccentric loading of the screw can give the whole thing a bit of a speed-wobble… If you were prepared to risk never being able to get the screw loose again, you could cut the excess screw off flush.

Edit… if the loads aren’t huge, how about bicycle valve tubing… or even a drinking straw if you can find the right size and a dab of glue?

Heat shrink tubing and super glue? - Scotty

First find the diameter of the motor shaft, check eBay for shaft couplers of that size....