External Pin Change Interrupt not working Instantly

take a view on the IDE example "BlinkWithoutDelay to see and study how a millis-based timer works.
Inside the IDE are some very good basic sketches, eg for the button handling, to be found.

BlinkWithoutDelay I know but how to implement it for different led patter flashing, pls let me know with example..

Take a view into C++ book and study how array´s works.

This is not the solution... Thank You for your great suggestion.. :smile:

you can buy a solution.
Drop your request here:

If you know how BlinkWithoutDelay works, you would be done. You just have to keep track of elapsed time between events. an "event" could be the time between patterns, the time between when a pattern changes, or the time you want to leave an LED on.

+1 @blh64 and literally as well: the time between taking a look at the buttons and switches.