Extra TTL interface(s)

Simple question from an idiot...

I need to interface to multiple serial type devices and I don't want to use soft-serial to make it work. How can I get that second serial interface?




It seems like I'm set up to possibly loose data with a muxing setup, even if I write my handler with an interrupt driven system to receive the data. Not to mention what happens if I actually need to send data...

What's the best way to prevent this data loss? Would a buffer stuck in front of each muxed interface be appropriate or is there a better way I'm overlooking??

Just talking to one device at a time is the best solution. That way you can switch between them reliably.

You only lose data if both serial devices are sending data to the microcontroller at the same time. Make it so at least one of them asks whether the line is clear before sending is all you need.