F900 Series Air Velocity and Air Temperature Sensors

How to interface this sensor with Arduino ??
How to calibrate this sensor !!!
what are safety measures to be taken such that the sensor is not damaged .

It has digital and analog output !!! Can I use any one ?
Which is the best one chose analog or digital ?
What is the use of digital input of this sensor !!?

f900-datasheet.pdf (349 KB)

According to datasheet:
Pin1, black -> arduino(common) GND
Pin2, red -> external power 7V..12V
Pin3, white -> arduino analog pin
Pin4/5, ora/yel -> any arduino digtal pins (avoid pins 0/1 as they are used for your USB-interface)

Use softwareserial (or altsoftserial) for the software UART

Read the analog input. Tha value (0V..4V) is proportional to wind speed.

for serial comm, see the manual