fail to display image on tft using arduino mega

i am new to arduino and recently im trying to display an image on the standard arduino tft using ardui no mega. however, i couldnt get the result when i test with this:

here is the pin connection i used for arduino mega since the example above is for arduino uno.
+5V: +5V
MISO: 50 on Mega 2560 (Miso on ADK)
SCK: 52 on Mega 2560 (Sck on ADK)
MOSI: 51 on Mega 2560 (Mosi on ADK)
LCD CS: pin 10
SD CS: pin 4
D/C: pin 9
RESET: pin 8
BL: +5V

i have tried to define MISO pin and SCK pin but still couldnt get it.

What could be the problem?