Fast Data logging with SdFat Library


I have a data acquisition system where I am sampling data at 1K samples/second. The data from sensors is comprised of 32 Bytes i.e. 1 sample is 32 Bytes. I am facing challenges regarding storing this data.

Initially, I started with a low sampling rate (about 100) and saving the data on the computer over serial port worked alright. But now, at 10 times the initial rate, the serial protocol is too slow to catch up with the acquisition rate. This pushed me to explore saving data to on on-board SD Card.

I am experimenting with Sdfat library, but I need some expert to help me with a few things.
-Is it doable?
-How fast can I go? I mean how quickly can I write those 32 bytes to the card (in milli or micro seconds) ? My card is a class 10 and I am using Arduino Zero at 48 MHz.
-What is better? Saving data on to the card at each sampling step or saving it to a buffer and then transferring all the data in the buffer to the card at once?
-Any more ideas?