features request for IDE

The arduino IDE is a good IDE that could be outstanding with a couple of additional features.

Adjust tab spacing: the ability to specify tab space widths would be very nice. It could really help to clean up code.

Increase / Decrease indent: Being able to select a code block and increase or decrease the indent would be helpful.

Make comment / release comment: Being able to right click on a block of code and make it a comment or release the comment would be nice as well.

Nice ideas I'd like to add : Ctrl+Q or Command+Q > comment a whole block of text (like in Scite) Expandable {} blocks

I agree @ block commenting - would be a nice little tweak.

Another UI feature I miss would be a pull down menu listing functions - in order to be able to jump to a particular function instead of having to scroll around.

That might be beyond the bare bones aspect of the IDE and is available through using an external editor like BBEdit (on Mac) but BBEdit doesn't do formatting so I am torn between features.

The block commenting and indent / de-indent would definitely be great. Do you guys want to suggest it on the Processing forum / bugs list? Then I can port the implementation over from there.

Or does Processing already do that? (In which case, I'll try to get it into Arduino ASAP.)

It doesn't appear that processing already does this. I'll make the suggestion in the Processing forum.

Both of these have been implemented in Processing 0144. Cool stuff!

Okay, yet another reason I need to resync the code base from Processing.