File access on Arduino PC


I have been playing with an Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega with some success, but struggled to reliably communicate over wireless. I then purchased an Arduino PC which has a 1 GB file system on it. I set up FTP so I can read and write to a file on the Arduino PC from my PC. But now I am stuck because my Arduino sketch doesn't write to a file system. It seems that the FDEVOPEN command may work but then I need the file structure defined somehow. There are things on the internet that suggest I could run PHP to write to a file.

So my question really is, what is the best way to access the file system from within an Arduino Sketch, or should I be using PHP to talk to the file system and to my arduino pins. If I use PHP, how do it get going.

Alternatively is there a better way to communicate across WIFI from my PC to my Arduino PC

PS. sorry of I have posted this in the wrong forum...

Alan Cuthbertson

Can you give us a link? I have never heard of an "Arduino PC".

Sorry, it is actually called a PCDuino, but it is capable of running Arduino scripts

Alan Cuthbertson

PCDuino is more closer from a pc than an Arduino, by the fact that an operating system is hosted on that board. So, i will suggest a pc approach more than an Arduino approach. I mean that i will use the power of Ubuntu (or Android) to program it, using Python/C if Ubuntu or Java if Android. which OS are you using ?

I’m not familiar with that device but it sounds as if the Arduino compatibility consists of the pin header layout and electrical characteristics - from a quick skim it doesn’t seem as if it uses the Arduino runtime at all, although its API seems similar to the Arduino API in terms of digitalWrite() etc. On that basis I expect you’d access the local file system via the PCDuino’s local runtime in the same way that the examples show, and then use the Arduino-like part of the API to access the I/O hardware. If that’s not the case then I think you may have better luck getting help from the manufacturer or their support forum, because as far as I can see none of the hardware or software you’re using is actually Arduino.

PCDuino has absolutely nothing to do with Arduino.