Find the legacy code

Hi all, This is just a post for finding all the legacy code in the website, to hopefully get it updated and fixed. I would assume that the webserver is a linux server, but I dont know, and I dont know how to find out. Nor is that really my business. But I did encounter some more legacy code on the page:

so then I thought that if the web-server is a linux based web-server, that the web-master could run the command

grep -H -r "beginSerial" arduinoRootDirectory/

and get all the filenames that contain "beginSerial". Then Fix the code examples on those pages.

But I don't know, if that would work. Additionally, there might be other terms that a search could be relevant to. If any given page contains beginSerial, it probably has serial code to reference the start of some serial process like serialWrite. Beyond that, serial functions are the only bits of legacy code I have encountered thus far. I don't know if there are other snippets lurking on pages that do not utilize "beginSerial".

Again, my only goal here is to have all the examples have code that works. Any one have more input about how to find an fix legacy code snippets?

So far, Ive found these pages to have legacy code snippets in their tutorials.