First installation IDE on UNO R3

Today I installed for the first time the Arduino app on my Windows 10 laptop in order to exercise some sketches on my UNO R3. However I cannot upload sketches because the program can't find ports.
In the drop down menu the option 'Ports' is not clickable...
I'm totally new in Arduino. Do I have to install (a) driver(s) to get it working? Where can I find these?
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry if my writing is not the Queens English!

Let's begin with basics. Is your UNO plugged into the PC? Are the on board lights working?

Yes, it's plugged in. One LED is ON (Power) and one LED (L) is blinking.

Is it a genuine R3, or a clone? Have you already selected the board type (UNO) in the Tools menu?

What does Windows device manager say when you connect the board? Do you get an entry under Ports (COM & LPT)? Or do you get an other entry somewhere else? Or no entry at all?

Did you install the IDE on your PC or are you using the on-line IDE.
(I just want to know since I have never used the on-line IDE and can't offer any help with it).

@adjudant if your board is an official Arduino Uno R3, use IDE version 1.8.15 and install the core for the board following the steps below:
· Tools > Board > Boards Manager
· Search for "Arduino AVR Boards"
· From the drop-down menu select latest version
· Click "Install"
· Wait for installation to finish
· Click "Close" and restart your IDE.
. Plug your board back to the computer and select the board and port via tools.
Use a data USB cable and do not use a USB hub or USB 3.0 port.

However, if your board is a clone, check Using Arduino IDE with unofficial Arduino clones bearing CH340 chip | by Andrey Semenyuk | Dev Genius

It is a clone. And I have selected the board type.

Then go directly to reply #5

I see in the device manager "USB Serial" where it should be Arduino.

I installed IDE on my PC.

Not necessarily if you have a clone. Does the entry disappear when you diconnect the board? Does it have a com port number. See below screenshot of (part of) the device manager.

If it shows somewhere else (not under ports) , let us know.

The entry disappears when I disconnect the board. It has no com port number. (There are zero ports visible in the device manager).

I followed the link in the last sentence of your answer, but that gives no results. Driver installation fails from several websites and Malwarebytes blocks a number of them.

Right click on the entry in device manager and select properties; next select the Details tab. What are the VID and PID under Hardware IDs?

If they are like above, you will need to install the CH340 driver. Download the ZIP from CH341SER.EXE - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics, unpack and run the exe; from memory, I think that the board does not need (or should not) to be connected

Thanks! I also asked the reseller of my board and they gave a similar answer. I can choose a port now (COM3) so I can exercise with the board!

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Linux will just magically detect it. :slight_smile:

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In Linux you can't easily bypass the autoreset of a board from software, in Windows you can :unamused:

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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