FIXED FIXED. Cannot set /dev/ttyUSB1 as the upload port

Arduino IDE used to allow me to choose between 2 or 3 serial ports each with an esp8266 attached.


There does not appear to be a place to set /dev/ttyUSB1 as my upload port.

I have two esp8266 attached to a raspberry pi 3 b +

I tried altering preferences.txt to ttyUSB1 but it didnt change the upload port.

    Thanks!  Bradshaw in Buzzards Bay (MA)

port /dev/ttyUSB0 works perfectly, how may I choose /dev/ttyUSB1 ?


upgraded to 1.8.15, BUT I DIDN"T READ "edit arduino15/preferences.txt when Arduino was NOT running. I shut it down, set the ttyUSB1, started it up and its working great.

FIXED FIXED thank you! Bradshaw

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