Free multimeter to a good home

While cleaning house, I found this old digital multimeter. It still works fine, so it seems a shame to throw it away. I'm sure there is someone out there in Arduino land who could use this.

If you're within USA, I will even pay for shipping, otherwise, I'll chip in $5 towards shipping.

Please send me your mailing address via "Personal Message" link at end of this post.

Props for recycling to the community

If no one else claims it ill prolly take it off your hands, Id rather it go to someone who maybe does not have one yet and is getting their feet wet.

That is very generous of you, that you even pay toward shipping. I hope I will be able to give to this community someday, just like you.

Wow, that certainly does look a little old! But as you say, it works just fine.

That's great of you to give that to someone. Playing with unknown voltages/current can be dangerous! :O

Put it on ebay as a "collectors item" and you might get some offers.

I have been looking for a mm. I know this is old school but it will get me started. PM'ing

We have a “winner”. I will be sending this to Amos.