Funduino not recognized as serial port

I have been using a Funduino Uno R3 clone for a couple of months without problem but for some reason today it does not get recognized anymore when I plug it into my PC. It doesn't show up as a COM port on my PC, not in the Arduino IDE nor in the list of devices in System Information (I'm on a mac). I can still program both the Atmega328p and Atmega16u2 though using the ISP headers. I reflashed the Atmega16u2 with the stock firmware ( but no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Sometimes that happens to me and when I restart my computer it shows up again. Another possible cause could be a bad USB cable, try a different one.

I already tried restarting my PC and another cable. My other Arduino (not a clone) does get recognized.