G code viewer

I couldn't find a G code viewer to work on my Mac so I wrote one.

I designed it for looking at files intended for milling PCB, hence it only distinguishes between tracks above zero and below zero. As my mill is only small Proxxon MF70 Miller CNC CONVERSION it doesn't do vast areas either.

On the positive side it will handle G0, G1 G2 and G3 codes, a lot of viewers don't handle G2 & G3 commands. It will also handle the I&J commands associated with the circle commands as absolute or relative modes depending on the G90.1 or G91.1 commands. However all the main coordinates are in absolute mode only and it only handles mm dimensions. But hey it is a viewer and it has a zoom so maybe you don't have to convert the main size units anyway.

It is available to download here:-

Also I have added two G code generation applications.
Hole Cutter - produces Gcode files for various shaped holes and allows you to set tool size and cut depth.
Points Generator - takes a text file of points to plot and turns it into G code. This will allow you to draw a layout in a drawing package and then read off the points into a text file to get a file. I have used this for several boards.
Link is the same as above.

Thanks for doing this! This is great and exactly what I needed.

just had a look at your site
hadn't realised you were THAT Mike
saw it before from CNC zone I think when I was looking to build my CNC beast

excellent stuff