Gear Motor Help.

Hey all,

I was hoping that you guys would have some suggestions on gear motors I should get for my new project. We want something like 200RPM, 12VDC, and an encoder. Some brands, or links, or suggestions would be great.

Thanks, Cory

How much torque do you need? Is there a size constraint? Price limit?

There must be 1000s of motor that fit the criteria you specified. Not all of them would be suitable, though.

We would probably need more information about your project in order to even make a good guess as to what would possibly work.

We don’t know what the motors will be used for, where they will be located, how much room there is for the motor, etc.

There isn’t a “standard” gearmotor available; tons of companies make them, out of all sorts of materials and quality (you also didn’t say if you needed new or surplus motors - new 12VDC gearmotors, if they are of any quality, and especially if they have an encoder attached - aren’t cheap).

A good brand I have found (but I only have experience with surplus versions) is Pittman gear motors; their motors tend to be powerful for their size, they come in a variety of voltage ratings, some models have encoders, and they are fairly quiet for spur gearboxes. The gears in the gearboxes are all metal, and typically run in oilite bushings or bearings (they also tend to be very user-friendly in the repair/upgrade arena; for instance, swapping gearboxes, changing gear ratios, or replacing bushings for bearings isn’t that difficult and doesn’t require much in the way of special tools).

Sorry about the lack of info, it slipped my mind.

Our project is a 2 motored vehicle.

--12VDC --~200RPM --Encoder --The size would be something less than 5 inches each. --Torque is not too important as the weight of the vehicle wont be much. --Price less than $40ish each.

Thanks, Cory

I would take a look at All Electronics (Van Nuys, CA, IIRC) offerings, they typically have some Pittman motors (or similar) for sale; unfortunately, you won't find an encoder in most (but it isn't that hard to build your own). Electronics Goldmine (Scottsdale, AZ) is another close-by source that may have something for you as well.


Hmm - All Electronics seem to be "low" on their motor selection, but Goldmine had a couple of hits that seem close to what you need:

You would have to add your own encoders, tho - Hope that helps!