General Question about Procedure

Hi all.... new to Arduino, just got my starter kit yesterday.

Just wondering what the best procedure is with regard to moving from one project to another. Since the Arduino powers up when plugged into the usb port and begins to run an existing sketch is it best to upload the sketch for the new project to the chip before you construct the new circuit? I'm thinking that an entirely different circuit connected to the board might cause damage if the present sketch is for a previous circuit.

Hope you understand what I'm trying to say here, lol.

Hi Charlie. With the latest versions of Arduino IDE, when you start up the IDE, you see a minimum sketch with empty setup and loop functions. Upload that to the Arduino before you start connecting any components and you should be safe.


Thanks Paul... I thought that might be the best thing to do. Thanks for the confirmation.

you should not have any such problems.

if you output on pin 5 to turn or a switch, then your next project has an LED on pin 5, the LED will turn on. that is, until you upload your new program.

your external circuits should be designed to have some sort of protection, often a resistor, that would limit the current going out or coming in.

but, since you mention it, you would be safer to load the new program, then connect things.

in my limited experience, your chances of damage if you forget are very-very tiny. however, if you upload a program first you would be that much safer.