Ghz oscillator/sensor for radar detector?

Hi there,

before I’ll even ask my question I’d like to inform you that I am a complete newbie in terms of Arduino although I was always interested in doing something on my own with Arduino and was looking for a nice project.

Earlier this week I was driving on the Interstate and had some friends with me in my car. We were talking about radar detectors at some point and discussing how expensive the different models are and what their functions in detail are.
At some point I asked myself: Would it be possible to build a radar detector based on Arduino? Are there any Ghz receivers in the X,K and Ka-band region that one can use with it (and preferably some kind of Lidar detection)?

Again, I am completely new to this topic but I was thinking that this would be a fantastic project (although an overkill for a beginner probably) and I could prove my friends wrong, because they think that it is probably to expensive and complicated or even impossible to build an Arduino radar detector.

I was looking for sensors, oscillators or anything that can detect signals in the 10.475-10.575, 24-24.25 and 33.4-36 Ghz range but I was unsuccessful yet (maybe I am just looking for the wrong things). Can one build a sensor for that matter?

If anyone could point me in the right direction (even if it is a plain ‘won’t work buddy’) I would appreciate it very much.


To detect X,K and Ka-band radar signal you need Tunnel diodes detector like these

Thanks for your input guys.
I think I will reconsider my idea since it seems like there's a lot of RF-theory involved :wink: