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There appears to be a lot of issues and pull requests lying around on the GitHub page for SAM arduinos like the DUE:

I also supplied a minor pull request used to get rid of a compiler warning:

Are there any active maintainers for this repository? A lot of the pull requests look good.. Also, some contributors venting their (understandable?) frustration: added weak attribute to UART handlers by anklimov · Pull Request #92 · arduino/ArduinoCore-sam · GitHub

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Are there any active maintainers for this repository?

Not really. Arduino's focus is on the support for the newer boards, which use other cores. There hasn't been significant development work on that repository for 3.5 years now and the work that has been done over the last two years was never released.

However, that's only mentioning what the Arduino organization is doing with it. The community is still free to use this free open source software in any way they like. That might be just cloning the repo and cherry picking commits from any PRs that look useful, or even forking the repository and publishing your own extended version of the core (as several people have done). For this reason, pull requests are still very valuable. Even if Arduino never merges them, it makes it easy for the community to discover the enhancements you've made.

That makes sense, I just saw when the Due was released. I still think that it would be nice if smaller pull requests (like my void cast) are merged because everyone who is still using the Due can profit from it without breaking anything. But if it is not released, I think no one will profit anyway. I just found this compiler warning while using Sloeber (Eclipse) with my Due and it was a really simple fix.

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I agree, but I do understand that there is a huge amount of work and only a few developers to do that work, so they must focus on the highest priority work first.

Arduino has been working for a couple years now on trying to automate some of the tedious testing, evaluation, and review components of that work, which would result in the developers having more time for merging pull requests and also for it to take less time to merge pull requests. It's going very slowly but I think we are gradually seeing some improvements.

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