Give me Idea for My project monitor Air Pressure and Valve Control ||

Dear all

i have My project monitor Air Pressure and Valve Control.

see in picture

my target

  1. Monitor Air Pressure spec 0.40 - 0.45 Mpa
  2. control if < 0.40 → open valve IN
  3. control if > 0.45 → open valve OUT

Idea, what devices is best way for this project?.

Thank u all

Air pressure: any sensor that's suitable for this pressure level. Inlet/outlet valves: easiest is a solenoid valve, again use one that can handle this pressure level, and also one that's of the correct size for the desired amount of air flow. For the valves I recommend you to go for a DC version, 5-24V, as that's easiest to control and safest to work with. Can just use a MOSFET driver for that. AC is much harder to deal with.

Arduino Playground pressure sensors articles.

If you start your net search words with arduino (like: arduino air valve) then you will get Arduino-specific hits.

Since you are monitoring "air pressure" is it correct that the gas is ordinary air? It looks like you already have the equipment and that you are trying to automate an existing manual process? You might want to check how hot and cold the inlet and outlet get during normal use just to be sure any valves you buy will operate within specification.

A good sensor is for example the MPX5500. However, for your project you better by an industrial pressure sensor with a firm way to attach it.

Most Arduino projects are not for industrial use. You also need a big sturdy valve.

Is a fail save needed ? What if your sketch is wrong and the valve is always open or always closed ?