Gmail + Wireless Control of an RGB LED

This is my first post in this section... Here is a small project built on the new InduinoX clone board

A Python Script keeps checking a gmail atom feed evey 2 seconds using Feedparser. It scans the subject line. If the subject line starts with 'RGB'[case -insensitive] it reads it further to get the values for Red, Green & Blue. It then transfers these values to the InduinoX board connected ot the pc through serial communication. The InduinoX board reads the values and adjusts the pwm value for the red, green and blue control lines accordingly. Then it transmits the same values to the remote board using the Sony SIRC protocol. The remote board reads the incoming IR signals and apply the received values to the RGB LED.

Will post the code as soon as i have it properly commented.

Heres the youtube video...

Cheers, Pracas