Going to the start of loop after an Interrupt


I went jump to the loop() so the program starts from de beginning after an software interrupt.
( Arduino DUE )

The program I have added does not works.

Please a tip what I need to change so that it works.

Thanks in advance,


#include <DueTimer.h>

volatile byte state = LOW;

int LED_1 = 41;
int LED_2 = 53;

void setup() {

Timer3.attachInterrupt(MSec).start(1000); // Every ms

void(* resetFunc) (void) = 0; // Declare reset function @ address 0

void loop() {

digitalWrite(LED_2, HIGH); // Short pulse

while (1){
digitalWrite(LED_2, LOW); // Reset pulse
void MSec(){
state = !state;
digitalWrite(LED_1, state);

resetFunc(); // Return to loop

An interrupt returns to the position the program was at when it was called . If you return elsewhere you are likely to have problems caused by incompleted routines . Not good practice and can’t see why you would want to do that. You could set a flag in the interrupt service routine and check for that on exit , and not preform any further actions in loop ( by checking if the flag is set) until you again reach the top of loop , where you reset the flag.

No idea what’s wrong with the rest of it... looks a bit odd tho

The code as posted would return to the top of loop without the silly reset function since it was trapped in a while loop on the last line anyway.

As a general rule, if you find yourself needing to put that in your code then you’ve done something very wrong. Maybe talk about what you actually want to accomplish and not how you (incorrectly) think you should go about doing it and we can find a proper way to code it.

This does not “return to loop”, it reboots the Arduino.

   resetFunc();                     //   Return to loop

If you leave out the while {}, the loop function will exit and immediately be reentered.

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This program is only to test the jump back from the interrupt to first step of program code.

Thanks for the information.