GPRS Shield code

Hi, Ive started arduino about a year ago and I was wondering how i could use a gprs shield. I placed my GPRS shield on the arduino UNO and it lit up. Yet, the code was had issues and I used a tinySine gprs shield.
The code is as follows:
#include <GSM.h>

#define PINNUMBER “”

// initialize the library instance
GSM gsmAccess; // include a ‘true’ parameter for debug enabled
GSM_SMS sms;
char remoteNumber[20]= “14086851138”;

// char array of the message
char txtMsg[200]=“RUN IT OFFFFFFFFF YUH”;

void setup()
// initialize serial communications

Serial.println(“SMS Messages Sender”);

// connection state
boolean notConnected = true;

// Start GSM shield
// If your SIM has PIN, pass it as a parameter of begin() in quotes
notConnected = false;

Serial.println(“Not connected”);
Serial.println(“GSM initialized”);

void loop()
// nothing to see here

void sendSMS(){

Serial.print("Message to mobile number: ");

// sms text

// send the message

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Yet, the code was had issues

Don’t you think it would be helpful to explain what those issues were?

Please reply asa
Thank you for any help

The gprs shield is from: GSM/GPRS Shield for Arduino With Antenna | eBay
The code has no errors, but when I run it, it doesn't work after writing SMS Messager and it stops

Please help asap thank you so much...