GPS Touchscreen

I looked for a tutorial to reuse a Garmin GPS touchscreen with Arduino, but cannot find results. Is this possible? I also have touchscreens from a couple phones, but no one made tutorial for those either.

It would be really great if I could reuse the GPS screen. Any help is much appreciated.


Are there some resources available to read to at least get started? I looked at a lot of these so called shields and they are all ready setup for Arduino. So, I don't even get a basic understanding of what is going on. I know I need to build a driver control board, but I don't know how to design and select components to build it. I need some example project to study.


  1. Displays: Reusing displays from existing devices is always difficult, because there is usually no information. But these displays are very complex devices and you definitly need the corresponding information. So: It usually makes no sense to reuse displays from old devices. Try to get a cheap display from some of the marketplaces (ebay, aliexpress, etc), crosscheck whether there is this an Arduino library for the controller of that display.

  2. Touch screen: My knowledge is limited here, but there are (to my understanding) two different technologies available: Resistor based and capacitor based touch screens.
    Links: Resistive touchscreen - Wikipedia, Capacitive sensing - Wikipedia