GPS tracker does not get a fix

I have assembled the Arduino GPS ‘Track Your Treats’ tracker with an Arduino UNO board and the Adafruit GPS tracker shield.
I have found that it does work, i.e. the red led on the shield starts blinking once a second and after some time it blinks every fifteen seconds (when I have a clear view to the sky).
I believe that it has found a fix in that case.
When I go inside the house, the red starts blinking once a second again.

But there are no location entries in the file on the SD card, only the first line with the column headers.
The red LED on pin 5 keeps on blinking once a second, as far as I know this means ‘no fix yet’.
I do not find a proper ‘close file’ line of code, is that not necessary?
When I put the SD card in my laptop I see several files, but all with only the header line.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you do have a solution for me.
Dick van Fulpen, Houten (NL)

Not enough information. Please read "How to use this forum" and follow the directions.

However, I can suggest that you print out the GPS messages received, so that you can be certain that a fix has been obtained. Also note that SD card data is buffered, and nothing is written to the card until a buffer has been filled.

Glad to hear and help but as describing your problem you understand that we need code and it's a code problem,
would be better to give us a full view of your side, connections (pinds), components and code to understand how exactly you use it.


Thanks for the reply.
I have assembled the system exactly as instructed by the designer Tony Dicola and did not change the code of the sketch, see Overview | Track Your Treats: Halloween Candy GPS Tracker | Adafruit Learning System.
There you will find hard- and software details.

The red LED on the shield suggests I do get a fix, but the LED connected to data output 6 keeps on blinking.
This is part of the sketch:
void loop() {
// Parse GPS messages when they are received.
if (GPS.newNMEAreceived()) {
// Light the LED solid if there's a GPS fix, otherwise flash it on and off once a second.
if (GPS.fix) {
digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH);
else {
// No fix, blink the LED once a second and stop further processing.
digitalWrite(LED_PIN, (millis()/1000) % 2);
// Check if the button is pressed.
So if the LED on output 6 keeps blinking, there is not a fix.
I think of commenting out the line 'return' to see what happens.
Or perhaps the function GPS.fix works a bit differently than expected?
I must say that I have installed the latest IDE (version 1.6.5) and the software for the SD module.

Problem solved: the tiny switch on the GSP shield must be switched to 'Soft Serial' to log the locations.
So it does work after all!
Kind regards, Dick van Fulpen, Houten (NL)

Glad to hear you solved the problem,
sad that I couldn't reply, I had few weeks off arduino.