Hi ,

I have a question about how to edit GRBL ,if for exmple add servo motor or 2 or any thing else !!! and how setting the pins , (they said edit config.h ) ; but i didn't knew how ?! :slight_smile:

What is you knowledge about GRBL?
GRBL is a firmware which converts your Arduino into a controller between your PC and your CNC machine. The controller gets G-Code commands from the PC and those commands are converted such that the connected motor drivers move the related motors/axis.

My advice: first take a deep dive into GRBL and how it works. Then come back if you have specific questions.

Thank you for your helpfull answer .rpt007

my knowledge still basic on this ,

But i'd like to know the idea about how I could Edit the GRBL Code or add a other device on Z axis

First understand GRBL, then try altering/extending it.