Green house control system

Hi All
I am new on this forum, I am working in building greenhouse and I want to set a system to control Temp, Humidity, and Co2 gas level.
My idea is to install 9 Temp. and Humidity sensor around the house and 2 CO2 level sensor near the pads and in the end of the house.
These sensors will measure the parameters and based on the readings the system will do the following:

  1. If the average temp is below the required temp, the system will stop the water pump and shut down all fans (we need to instal 4-6 fans) except one fan for air circulation, once the temp start to get higher than set temp, then another fan started and one water pump start to pump water on the cooling pad, after certain time if the temp still raise, another water pump start to work and another fan start to work and etcc till the temp reaches the set-temp.
    Same with CO2, once the level below the set level, the system will run the injector which will start to inject acid on Calcite and after the CO2 level reach the setup level, the injector will stop.
    it will be good if we can record all data and monitor the changes in the house
    hope this is clear
    if it possible to guide me what kind of sensors, controller etc,..
    to make this system

With that many sensors, the length of the communication lines starts getting tricky.
How large is the greenhouse or how long do you anticipate the wires between sensors and controller to be?

Thanks Jaba for your reply, the house is 12X20 m, it is or my research

Look into 1-wire sensors, you don't need anything faster.

First make a system that can control the pumps, fans, vents, etc.
There will be issues of power and control, interference from surges as well as EMF are possible.

The algorithms of control should be made to fit the system that works.

There is an approach to coding taught (or tried to) here you can call "Many Things At Once" that takes a lot of pain out of the process. Work on learning that first if you can hold yourself down long enough.