Green light not glowing/problem uploading

Hello ,

I am using Arduino promini 3.3 V .
I am trying to upload the program to the board but it gives me an error saying:
“Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions.”

I checked the serial ports and am connecting to the correct serial port.
When i connect th eboard to the PC , the green light doesnt glow on the board.Only the red light glows. I tried with a new board, and it is still the same. I have worked on this board and it worked properly before.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Thank you

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?


I am using arduino IDE version 1.6.5

I have an microsd card break out board, a ds 3231 time and apressure sensor connected to thE controller.
I dIsconnected the other components and tried to upload the code and it worked fine. After uploading,I connected the other components and tried to make it work, but it isnt working.
neither does the green light glow.