Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt with Remote Sensing?

Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to protect my project from unexpected events, such as parameters going too far out of wack, by being able to shut the main power off via Arduino through a GFCI. Basically, if a temperature goes too far out of control I want the Arduino to send a signal to a master power switch to shut everything down. I've been trying to find a portable style GFCI with a remote input to do this, but haven't had any luck.

Any info on this would really be appreciated!


Does it have to be GFCI? Could you use a controllable power strip such as this: IoT Power Relay - COM-14236 - SparkFun Electronics?

There's also rocker swtiches that have an extra set of pins on them that when DC power is sent to them, it clicks the switch off. I know this because some copiers had them as part of their protection feature. If the machine detected a fuser temperature abnormality, they'd click the switch and totally cut off the mains.

Doesn't need to be a GFCI, no... But would be nice. That power strip is looking good at $20, and it does 15 amp @ 120V so that is enough power... I'll keep that one in mind, thanks!