HC-05 Doesn´t show the code

Hi, it´s my first post here so thanks for all!

Well, i have an Arduino conected to a HC-05 bluetooth and it appears to be on line on my laptop COM5 port but i doesn´t shows nothing on the arduino app.

This arduino was made by a person who was in my company and we don´t have the original code to edit it. The arduino is working for a timer (i will add a picture to show what im saying) i know nothing about arduino´s but i think i can solve it if i found the code or how to conect to it.

If anyone could help me with anything it wouldbe awesome! Thanks for all!

Without the original code it is going to be difficult to provide help beyond suggesting that a new sketch is written to do what you want

Was there ever a specification of what the project should do ?

Without code or documentation it’s hard to guess what the intent was. Seems it’s driving a huge clock so May be the HC-05 is there to send commands to the arduino to reset the time?

You would obviously need to pair correctly with the BT module and know the baud rate of its SPP profile and then know what to send.

(It’s unfortunate such contraption was built and the code not made available… can’t the author ne reached ?)

Well the project what it does is a count down that its controlled by the bluetoth hc-05 but i dont have anything else :frowning:

Was the code written on a company PC and if so, do you still have it ?

i have de baud rate and it appears to be on line to be conected but when i try to conect it conects only 5 secs and then its gone.

And the author i can´t reach him :frowning:

How do you know this ? How do you proceed to connect?

I have the PC of him but the code was created in his home computer a long time ago, the only thing i have is the things he bought to do it but i dont know if with that i can do something like creating all the code by 0.

The thing is that the build is really strange and dificult i have taken photos to show how its done.

Photos are unlikely to be of any use. A circuit diagram with all components and Arduino pins labelled would be the very least that would be required in order to write any code to use it

When i try to conect with my computer it appears the HC-05 bluetooth conection and i conect with it, then it asks me the pass and when i put the pass it takes like 5 secs and its already gone the conection.

The only thing i can show its how its conected, i just sort it with labels but it stills really confusing

What type of Arduino is it ?
You mention an HC-05 so presumably that is present too. Are there any details printed on the displays ?

The picture is likely the power supply for the big display

The Arduino wiring would be more telling

The arduino is an Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout

Yes thats the power supply

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this is the pinout of your Arduino

so it seems that your BT module is wired directly to the Serial port of the Arduino ( The TX pin is the output from the module and is 3.3V logic whilst the RX pin is the input into the module and is 5V compliant if you have the Adafruit's design)

The Arduino module comes pre-loaded with NodeMCU's Lua interpreter, you can run commands, and 'save' Lua programs directly to the module's Flash using a USB-Serial converter cable which might be what the HC-05 was used for.

If you can't get your hands on the code, there is not much that can be done besides exploring, which might be destructive for your clock as you'll loose the binary if you flash anything else on the ESP

And recovering the binary? it is possible?

I've never done it but I think you could use esptool.py with the read_flash option to get a dump of the firmware if no protection fuse have been set to prevent this. I'm sure there are tutorials on line.

Why are you trying to mess with the device? is it broken?

Isn´t broken but i dont have the code and i have to modificate it :frowning: