HC-05 RSSI Speed/Rate of Data

I am currently doing a project which utilizes Bluetooth RSSI values. I am using an arduino Uno board together with a HC-05 (Master) Bluetooth module.

After initializing, and entering "AT+INQ'. I was able to get the RSSI values of bluetooth devices around me. But how am i able to increase the rate of these readings?

Also, after a certain time. the RSSI values will stop and i would have to type "AT+INQ" again to obtain more data. Can i make a loop so that i wont have to type in AT+INQ again?

Of course you can. But if you make such a loop, execution will be stuck inside the loop and no other code can run. If that's okay for your application, fine.

If you are multi-tasking using non-blocking code in the loop() function, that's a different and common story.

What do i write inside the loop? Serial.Write("At+INQ")?

And do you know how i am able to increase the rate of the readings?