HC-05 Signal Strength


how can ı get HC-05 signal , quality with a paired device ?

The signal strength (quality ?) is normally refered to as RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication).

If you do a search on here for 'HC-05 RSSI' or on Google there are several discussions on the topic to be found.

they show during search, I need the signal strength of the paired device

Datasheet Took me 5 Seconds to find! Please search GOOGLE before asking!

Do not answer the question without reading it properly. When a device is paired, you cannot issue an AT command.

OK - what is stopping you unpairing it, using the INQ command and repairing it?

The android application communicates with the hc 05, while the android is connected to the arduino, it will ask the quality of the connection and the arduino will reply.

If the match is broken, how will my android application learn the quality?

Probably with great difficulty.

I got it, so can I do something on the android side, let me see it

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