HC12 Help Please


Im building a FPV tank style remote control vehicle.

I want to connect 2 joysticks to an Arduino platform, one joystick controls a dual axis camera mount (2 servos), the other joystick controls a sabretooth motor controller (attached are 4 motors in tank style configuration). The joysticks would be mounted inside a remote, and their signals transmitted using an HC12. I would use an HC12 receiver connected to a second Arduino platform. Connected to the second platform directly are the sabretooth and the dual axis camera. What considerations do I need to make before proceeding? Can anyone help me with considerations?

Thank you!

Why have you chosen the HC12 over other wireless solutions?

I chose HC12 because of its range

the first consideration would be that the HC-12 is a serial UART. you have to encode joystick output as serial data. I would check out the Project Hub to see it that is a thing in common use first.