Hi I've only just discovered this great product , so I know have a massive learning curve ahead of me I've doen the very basic thing of making the led flash lol

My first project that I will need help with is I'm building a drag car and want to use this to switch pumps, fans, nitrous etc on via a touchscreen and using relays of course . I've looked at few sketches and I understand it I think but I need some links if possible to download and try

Any help would be great

Thanks Andy

You've already looked at sketches, but you're asking for links to sketches? That makes absolutely no sense.

If you're not familiar with Arduino coding, you should start off basic before diving into relays, switch pumps and touch screens.

Have you considered one of the makey makey kits to see what can be done

I know I'm trying to run before I can crawl, I've ask ed for help on another part of the forum as it beyond me at the moment . But I will continue as I find this very interesting

You haven't told us your current level of experience. If you are new to programming, to control systems as well as to the Arduino system then a control system for a "real" car is some way off. That would be a tough challenge for an experienced Arduino user.

Without working through a significant number of the examples that come with the Arduino IDE and studying several of the vaguely relevant Threads on the Forum your first big problem will be your lack of familiarity with the jargon. That will make it hard for you to ask for help and to understand the replies.

The Arduino system is easy to get to grips with and it is a great opportunity to learn by doing - trying out the examples and learning how to modify them.

An important thing to understand is that nothing complicated (and certainly nothing like a car control system) is designed as a single entity. The project must be seen as a series of small separate tasks (such as reading data from a sensor, or controlling a valve) which are tested and proved on their own before being integrated into the larger project.

And even the simplest program will have bugs in it. Skill at identifying and correcting bugs is an essential part of programming and doubly important where the computer (Arduino) interfaces with the real world.


Hi I have experience in BMS control systems but that is mostly built with blocks and is relatively straight forward I don't have any experience with code but having looked at some I seam to vagley understand it. What I would like to achieve is

LCD touchscreen with icons to control 8 to 12 relays some latching some momentary. No sensors and one that's is a master off

Hope that makes sense

Cheers Andy

andysykes: building a drag car and want to use this to switch pumps, fans, nitrous etc on via a touchscreen

This seems like a strange combination. Touch screens are fine for a show queen or cruiser, but if you're drag racing surely what you want is something simple and reliable, such as big solid mechanical switches that aren't going to snap off if you hit them a bit hard in the excitement. Do you [u]really[/u] want to be playing with touch screens and dealing with software bugs when you're racing? It's not like a nitrous system is something you're going to switch on on the spur of the moment.

not really a strange request it is possible to buy something like what im looking to build but were is the fun in that, My car is well out of the box already so one more thing isn't going to be a problem. The nitrous on my car is only for spooling the turbos which has a separate controller or that so this would only turn that controller on.

dealing with bugs is also not a problem I will have plenty to find anyway