Help. Arduino Due runs when touching the microprocessor

I have a problem. I'm using the internal RTC of the board, but I don't understand why the code only runs when I touch the microprocessor.
If I uncomment the part of the code related to the RTC, it works perfectly.

// RTC_clock rtc_clock(XTAL);

I want to know if this problem has a solution or I have to buy another board.
Thank you.

If your board doesn't have the external crystal oscillator and you select it as the slow clock (I guess this is the meaning of the line of code you posted), the DUE will become a brick while running RTC. Lots of DUE boards don't have the external crystal, therefore RTC uses the 32KHz RC oscillator inside the uc.

See reply #17 and 18 to locate this crystal:

Thanks ard_newbie,

I understand the problem now, it's time to put it into practice.

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