Is there any way you can save serial monitor data (from sensor or any other data) to your SD card like Data logging .???

If Yes,Could you please share the code with me I am in BIG!!! need of it :frowning: :frowning:

Here is the Arduino Example Data logging code !!


arduino forums.txt (1.82 KB)

im using Catalex SD Card

Thanks a lot x4code

but please could you send me the direct code!!!


Check the datalogging example included in the IDE.


Have a look here, one of the kind members from here as done it , This does exactly what you want.
I've made my own version of the hardware and used the code and it works brilliantly and has it works flawlessly, I send out 40samples per second for one application and every 2 minutes for another one. This way your other hardware can carry out all the other stuff, You just send serial data out press the start/stop logging button all data then is recorded to SD card I'm using an 8gig card with no problems.

I'd like just to say a massive thanks to Jack Christensen for all his hard work and sharing his project all credit goes to him.

The Sparkfun OpenLog is extremely easy to use, very reliable and not much bigger than a uSD card.

3.3V I/O only, but you can put a 4.7K resistor in series with 5V TX to protect the OpenLog.