Help me make a LCD beer tap.

Hey all!

I've had this idea for a while so I want to see if I can build a prototype. I have like 0 engineering experience but I feel like I can solve it with my background.

I want to make a beer tap with an LCD screen in the handle that shows how many times the handle has been pulled.

Also, duration is a factor. I do not want to count tasters in the total displayed.

The handle would have a reset button.

That's about it.

Goal here is to display social proof of a beer's popularity.

What do you guys suggest as the gear I need to rig this up?

I've attached a mock up to get the idea across.

What do you guys suggest as the gear I need to rig this up?

Any microcontroller, LCD or 7 segment display, a microswitch, a button and beer.

The handle would have a reset button.

Which no doubt someone will press and reset the count unless something is done to stop it happening such as requiring a certain sequence of short and long presses to accomplish the reset.

How will you detect handle pulls ? A switch or gyro perhaps.

Don't forget that the system will need power and a small unit will not be able to hold a very big battery, which implies that mains power will be used so a power lead will be required. You could cut down the power requirements by displaying the total only on demand.

Distinguishing between tasters and say a short pull to top up a nearly full glass will be interesting. Perhaps pulls made in a fixed time range could count as one beer dispensed rather than merely counting handle pulls.

As you can see you will need to carefully define the requirements before starting programming.

The initial idea (picture) . . . is it ergonomic?