Help me please

I have to make 2 LEDs blink using a 556 timer, and somehow an arduino? Then I have to add a button to interrupt the program for a while then make it start up again. I have no clue and I can’t find anything to help me, I can understand a few things but using the 556 timer and arduino together seems impossible. I don’t know how to build the circuit or create the code. :o :o :o

Why use a 556 when the (unnamed) Arduino will do the blinking of (many) LEDs and switch monitoring by itself?

Sounds like a school task.
There are lots of examples showing how to toggle LEDs with the Arduino.
There are lots of examples how to make a monostable 555/556 timer.
Use Google.

Connect the o/p of the monostable to an Arduino i/p.
When the Arduino sees the o/p of the 555/556 change, pause the toggling.

Make a schematic of this interconnection.