Help not should 18650 discharge tester

Hi all this is the first time on here and this is my first time using arduino I hace 3 of them,one I/O expansion broad, and a Smraza 2004 LCD Display Module that I would like to use for this…

I looking for help I’m working on a battery tester using Nano:::, Nano I/O Expansion Sensor Shield for Arduino UNO R1 Nano 3.0 Duemilanove 2009…amazon:::

Smraza 2004 LCD Display Module (20 Characters x 4 Lines) Compatible with Arduino R3 MEGA2560 Nano

18650 Battery Case Holder, 4 Slots

Ok here what I’m trying to do make 1 using 8 cell not 16channel DIY Arduino 18650 Li-ion Battery Capacity tester using code is base off of this person

but only for the 8 cell but he didn’t give must information on the circuit drawing is no help there so I got the next 1 for some help

also 3x 18650 battery test at

the 1 for the base circuit drawing which will help now for the code I try this 1 here here which I try to mod to work but will not upload to the Nano

so can some out there help…

Dig up the codes and display here, using code tags. I don't spend time hunting and downloading them.

The circuit for testing is not 100% correct. Battory capacity is measured by pulling a defined current, capacity Ah/10, out of the battory. Then a 4R resistor will not give the same discharge current all the time.

If you post your code as described in
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more members will read it.