Help read pulses of radio control rc

Hello guys, i have a problem…

I’ve to read the pulses sent drom radio control with Arduino board, they are sent with quartz in 35.100 mhz freq.

There is a chance to read radio control? How???

Thank’s all

You need a radio reciever, you connect the output of that to your Arduino. There is no way the Arduino can detect radio waves of this frequency directly.

Uhm ok, i've rx408 original of walkera w5.. But how i ve to connect the receiver (rx) to Arduino to get them to communicate?

Sorry for my english, but I'm studying recently

i've rx408 original of walkera w5.

Sorry no idea what that means. Have you got a link to them.

Thia is my radio receiver,this manages 2 dc motore and 2 servo, and have 1 quartz rx 35.100

You need to see the data sheet of your receiver, that link just offers it for sale.
That link says the receiver is for 72MHz.

nd have 1 quartz rx 35.100

What does that mean?

You need to ensure that the transmitter and receiver are both on the same frequency.

You need to know what the receiver actually outputs, only then can you think about connecting it to an Arduino.

Yes yes I know that, but I can't find data sheet of my rx 408 (35.100), I have no idea where to look , I haven't found!!!!

The link was only to make you undestand what is receiver sorry....

With no further info on your receiver it's hard to help you. If you can find the PPM-stream somewhere on the receiver board, you can look at this: RCArduino: How To Read RC Receiver PPM Stream

// Per.

This is the picture of my receiver if this can be used to undestand!!!

Which is the clock pin output in this board???
It’s the grey integrated component rectangle in a right of quartz??? No?


Which is the clock pin output in this board???

Radio receivers do not normally have a clock output. They receive a multiplexed data stream, it is then up to the decoding circuit to turn that stream into separate channels.

But there are no "standards" in this and it can be done in a multitude of ways so without further information it is impossible to say.

You could try looking at each output with an oscilloscope and see what it gives when you make various different transmissions but I suspect you don't have one.


The company apparently sells units with frequency set for the country it is sent to. Looks like Europe has a 35 mhz band for RC. The US is 72 MHZ. I can find mention of both FM and AM modulation.

IF the OP has access to an oscilloscope, he can find what he is looking for by probing around on the receiver circuit board. An alternative is to use the audio part of a battery transistor radio. Find the volume control and solder a wire to the center terminal. Solder another wire to the other end of the control that DOES NOT go to another component, but goes to the radio ground traces.

Now, with the radio turned on, but not receiving a radio signal, probe the RC receiver board till you hear the RC data signal you are looking for.

Perhaps all you need to do is test the receiver output connector for what you need.