Help with 5-6V DC motor

Hi, first of all I am just person who likes electronics. I am needed some answer regards to my project on running a robot with 2 DC motor rated 5-6V plugin to L298N and currents total of 1628 mA. I was wondering because since this DC motor is specified to max of 6V which in this case not enough power to move, I was planning to power it via 12V power Bank rated 3amps, I am worried that this DC motors will not able to handle this over-voltage and over current and produce too much heat. My question is there any way to power this 6V DC motor via 12v without blowing the DC motor and limiting the current? By the way the robot use the dc motor to move not continuously, only moves when the robot itself detects a person let say it moves for 5 seconds. Additional information of me not buy 12V DC motor. Too expensive and not compatible with the design of my robot.

There's a reason that motor is rated 6V. Supplying it with double the rated voltage is unsafe. Rethink your design or get different motors.

You could use a DC-DC converter from 12V to 6V.

If you’re running your motor with an L298 then don’t forget that it may drop up something like 4V. So supplying 12V to the driver may only give you 7-8V at the motor. That may be safe enough because motor voltages are only suggestions not absolute limits.