help with ethernet library (with godaddy)

I just got the ladyada's ethernet shield yesterday with the wiznet module and i've been trying to figure out how to use it. I've been able to create a server and connect to it with my laptop with firefox, the problem is it just keeps repeating the code "hello world" in my case over and over, how do i stop it so that once the I've connected it only prints "hello world" once.

*UPDATE figured out the issue above, but the issue below is still unsolved

The other question I have might be a little tougher, I want to get the device to talk to my godaddy server the issue i believe is that i don't have a dedicated server so i'm sharing my server's ip address with many different websites (I think) I've gotten the server's ip address and the scripts location using phpinfo() yet if i try to access the site through the ip address I get the FORBIDDEN page. Has anyone gotten a arduino ehternet device to talk to their godaddy server?

i don’t have a dedicated server so i’m sharing my server’s ip address with many different websites

Try supplying a “Host” header with your request which specifies your web site’s domain name.


How would i go about doing that? I've been looking online for examples and it seems like i can only find examples from people using xports who don't use the Ethernet library. Are there any examples of this for those who do use the library. or is it just really simple and I can't figure it out? The client still needs an IP address supplied do i still put in my ip address?

I got it to work finally.

but a word to those who may go down this road DO NOT USE GODADDY FOR HOSTING if you want to stay calm that out of the way. they have firewalls that can and WILL cause huge headaches. your code may work a few times now, then 10min later it won’t work, and then 20 min later it works again!!! AAAAAHHHHH!