Help with gyro MPU-92/65

I’m looking for information on how to work with this sensor. Any info would be super. I was looking for a sketch I could experiment with to learn more about this module. However it’s very difficult to understand what pertains to my sensor.


Any help would be super…
Thank you!!!

This is your sensor module:
There is a second page at with the same information.

It contains the MPU-9255 sensor.
Do you know any library for that sensor ? I don’t.
Is it compatible with the MPU-6050 and MPU-9150 ?

That's what I'm looking for, the library and some starter/sample code. If anyone can help that would be great!!!

If you want to test if the sensor is connected to the I2C bus, run the i2c_scanner. Google for : arduino playground i2c_scanner

In the Playground section is code for the MPU-9150, you can try that. Google for : arduino playground mpu-9150 Next try code (for example on Github) for the MPU-9250. Google for : arduino mpu-9250

The MPU-9255 seems to be made to work with the Invensense AAR library. But I have no idea what is different. Could you compare the registers with the MPU-9250 ?

This topic is "Help with gyro MPU-92/65", but you want code for the Invensense MPU-9255 sensor. You could start a new topic : "Code for Inveense MPU-9255 sensor ?".

hi guys, do you have the sample codes and library ? if yes please allow me to copy..

thank you :)

Hey chances are you probably gave up or figured it out by now but I made a video showing how to read the raw values from this gyro:

Hey, Look this link , it's in spanish but take the code and it will work..

Thank you for the reply. I kinda went in hospital shortly after posting this as I am now an amputee.... just logged into arduino forum for the first time and seen the information provided. Since I’ve just gotten back into arduino, I have something to play with I suppose. Thank you all very much!