Help With My Transistors?

Recently I bought 100 various LES’s and 100 various Transistors of the internet. Today I received them and began unwrapping and sorting them into various containers.

They all came in marked packets with what type they were but that is about it, such as a 2n2222A (Just made up that one) but I do not know what all the various resistors do differently?

Could someone provide me with a link to a index of what they all do please is possible?

They all came in marked packets with what type they were but that is about it

Can you give some examples? Might be able to help if you can post what appears on them exactly...

most normal transistors can be found on google by searching their part number

Some of the labels are kind of hard to read but I will try to list them all correctly :)

2N2907 PX337 5C597 PX107 BC599 CQ012 BC338 2SC1815 BC598 BC327 C9013 2N2222

Hope they are all right :-/

Have you tried Googling these?

Most of the ones on your list are very common transistors. For instance, C9013 is 2SC9013 or sometimes just 9013 ( and if you put your search query like "bc598 transistor" I bet you'll get what you wanted.

Ok will do, but can someone tell me the difference about the ones that looks like this with the black end:

And this one with a silver end:

And how do you know which pin is the neg, pos?

The black one is most likely e, b, c (facing the flat surface).

The metal casing one is e, b,c if you stare at the bottom and starting from the key tab, clockwise.

If you have a multimeter, it will make life even easier... (see here for example

Brilliant thanks, and yes I have a multimeter so that site will be very helpful :)

Try reading the datasheets, you should be able to find them on google.

The will be a lot of stuff you don't understand (or need to understand) in them, but the will also be important information, like pinouts, max voltage, etc.