Help with programming for a small kit

Hi to all programmers ,i am looking for someone that can do the programming for my small project its for personal use as some things are just to complex for me as i have just started with arduino and just have no time on my hands .Have a lcd connected to the arduino (2560 mega) with some sensors and voltage measurments and few graphical displays,is any body willing to make a few pennies ,write and test this code for me??

Would appreciate it

Hi Sam,

It would help if you said which country you are in, so that those of us without credit card or PayPal facilities can determine whether it is economical to receive a small payment from you.

hi there

Im currently in mexico have just moved here ,but i do have family in london that could help out with a deposit if needed ...

I have been in the uk myself so i know how things work there .. how to get cash to friends and so forth ...

chat via a other meduim would be ideal if we could make some sort of easier contact

await reply :-)

HI Sam I just sent you a PM drop me an email if I can help.

Cheers Pete.

Hi Pete,I emailed you dont know if you received it .Let me know .... :)