Here is a video of my latest project the Hexome.
This is a hexagonal based monome.

Hexagons are cool but a bit of a pain because their spacing involves a root 3, a non rational number. This means you can’t lay it out on strip board, it needs a special PCB. That’s why I built my CNC project mainly to do this project.

The hexagonal spacing allows different sorts of sequencers to be built with sequencing tracks going off at different repeating rates. I have only just begun to explore the possibilities that this opens up. It also allows a more comprehensive way of generating a keyboard for music.

Full construction page to follow in a few weeks, after I show it at the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle 12 / 13th March.

Some stills at:-

As an aside from someone who has drawn a LOT of hex "grids" by hand, with a compass.

Draw them geometrically!

By hand or in software it'll save you a lot of hair pulling!

And for extra geek credit...

Draw an I-Ching. Before you start, think of the significance of the I ching figure, then think binary digits and powers of 2

2^1 2^2 2^4

Draw them geometrically!

Yes indeed. That is why all the drawings for the laser cutter were actually generated by a processing program creating PDF files.

That’s a fantastic quality build Mike.

Where do you get your plastics cut ?

I used the Epoc laser cutter at Manchester Fab Lab to cut the key tops and the plastic tube holes. I wish I could afford one but they are about £8K each.

Here's hoping Birmingham get a Fab Lab soon - I think I would virtually live there :)

I have access to a massive flat bed water jet cutter (at an aerospace company my brother runs) but really need some specific plastic cuts.

hmm - have just read up and apparently a water jet cutter is better than laser for acrylics. Going to get some to try it now :slight_smile:

Weird. But neat. :-)

Why not use WiFi Leds & Buttons ? Less wiring needed XD

could you program it to play abalone?


Wow. Amazing project. I love Maker Faire Bay Area. Wish I could make it to the UK one and come see it in person.

BTW, as a former drummer I like the fact that it's timed in triplets.

Wish I could make it to the UK one and come see it in person.

Hopefully I will be going to it, so I can tell you how good it was! XD XD XD

Excellent project Mike. Very nice.

Cool as always!

From someone who's struggling to even get out of the blocks and get beyond 'blink', I am mesmerised by your talent!

I'll have an 'P' please Bob!

Awsome work.

Thanks. :)