Hi and looking for code examples for midi CC out

Hi All,

Its my first post here, I’m new to Arduino but am looking forward to getting my feet wet. I’m comfortable with analog electronics and I’m trudging through teach yourself C in 21 days which seems like a pretty good way to start. My plan is to build a custom midi controller. I’ve found todbot’s excellent midi drum project but am also looking for code that allows the arduino to change analog in voltage to midi cc output. I seemed to remember seeing this at one point in my surfing but can’t find it again. Or if anyone has any tips or example code they’d like to share I’d be thrilled. Thanks so much.



is this what you mean?



. I hate all of Sam’s “Teach yourself X in 21 days” books, but Sams C Primer Plus by Stephen Prata is a pretty good one. I think some colleges even use it as a text book. I’ve got the blue fifth edition. I’ve found that the Teach Yourself books cover topics by using one specific example. The C Primer Plus does a good job at explaining each topic, then goes in depth to explain common practices, things to avoid, and unique uses.

The Arduino uses Processing, which is converted to pure Java by the IDE. Learning C would be good to know if you plan on using other microcontrollers, but I don’t think the ins and outs are essential knowledge. You might be better off (and have more fun) just reading the examples and reference on processing.org.

I haven’t looked at my C Primer Plus book in a while. I might be able to send it to you if you want to pay shipping.

Hi guys,
Thanks for your responses.

Daniel, I did see todbot’s blog. That’s what got me started in the first place and I’m just about to give the midi drum thing a try as that’s one of the primary applications I need for my board. I also want to combine sending continuous controller data with the note data so I’m looking for code examples I might be able to draw from. If I can’t find anything I’ll figure it out eventually but I know that some point in my surfing I came across a post by someone who had done this.

Johntron, those links are great. I saw the sams c primer book when shopping but went with the 21 days book because it started really simply and my programming has been limited to basic and lots of max/msp. I’ve been working through the chapters and I seem to be learning… at least when I’m looking at arduino code more of it seems to make sense. Thanks for the offer of the c primer book. Maybe I’ll take you up on it. I thought learning C was the place to start learning how to code for arduino because the programming section of the arduino “playground” seems to imply that arduino code is C. When I looked at the syntax section of the reference link you gave it seems like the processing language is a bit different from Java (which I’d like to learn also its used in max now). So arduino code is Processing which is the same as C or not? Or is processing its thing??? I’ve been checking out code examples but they need to make some sense and also learning how to program relaxes me and helps me fall aslep.


Oh, I’m sorry. The Arduino uses Wiring, not Processing. Apparently they’re a lot alike, but Wiring is based on C, while Processing is based on Java. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile: