HID Controller Project Help

Hey Everyone, I have a plan for a new project and I need the help of the community. I have an old Playstation Racing Steering wheel that I want to change to work with perfectly with PC using the arduino. I know I can use Playstation to USB adapters but the one I have doesn't allow full functionality of the wheel and leaves horrible deadzones in the steering.

Here is a quick rundown of what is on the wheel 2 Potentiometers - one controls gas, another controls brake another pot - this is the main pot that controls steering 14 pushbuttons - these are straight forward... just momentary pushbuttons.

I have been experimenting with using keyboard firmware to make the arduino connect to the pc as a regular USB keyboard. This allows me to use the 14 pushbuttons but not the 3 pots, without these its basically a very odd shaped keyboard... I need someones help on how to make the pc recognize my arduino as a gaming controller or joystick and also help me code in arduino. I can code basic stuff like the pushbuttons but I have never been great with analog stuff like pots.

Throughout this project I also want to create a Instructables page to showcase my project and help the online community create similar devices.

ANY AND ALL HELP AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED! I don't care how basic, everyones 2 cents will help me finish this soon.

If I can get this running smoothly I also plant to build a manual shifter and maybe real gas/brake pedals.

Thank You to all who respond!