High-speed photography (splashes)

Success! I did my first photo session with Arduino today, this shot wouldn't be possible without it!

  • Electronic water dropper
  • Flash trigger
  • Camera trigger
  • Arduino to control do everything at a press of a button!

You would need your Arduino photo rig to see my jaw dropping.

Congratulations! Gorgeous shot. :smiley:

Wow, very nice. How does it work?

Very nice! I think I want to look into doing something like that after seeing that pic! :slight_smile: Of course, it would need to be a nice tastey pint instead of milk.. but ya know... :wink:

Wow, very nice. How does it work?

The milk drop passes an optical sensor which tells the Arduino it's dropping, the Arduino waits for a time delay and triggers a camera flash.

The picture is taken in a fairly dark room with the camera set on bulb and waiting for the flash to go off.

I built a simple version from plans in Popular Electronics in the early 90's. Now that we've got digital cameras I should dig it out and take some more pics with it :).

Awesome picture! I did something similar with Arduino months ago, but I triggered my flash via sound.

Here's a link to an article I wrote about the project. Hobby Robotics » Triggering a Camera’s Flash with Sound and Light

I did some with sound:

And laser too (base is a dime, 10 cent US dollar):

But these were separate circuits, not Arduino controlled... Next step is do sound and laser with Arduino.

I will write detailed information and draw schematics once I have the ideas cleared out, I need a little ore time for experiences :slight_smile:

What is falling in the top picture with red and blue? It's a gorgeous shot.

Falling? No :slight_smile:

It's milk and ink jumping from a surface of a loudspeaker!

Sound waves

I had the idea to do something similiar to this. Most places I've looked have used optoisolators to trigger the flash or camera, however my original thought and tests was to use relays. Is there a reason why you are using optoisolators or will it work the same with relays?

Relays take too long to close so there is a long (in photographic terms) between the trigger and the shot.

Grumpy_Mike's reason is the best one. But also, if you're trying to drive an electromechanical relay from a microcontroller, it would be easier to drive the flash without a relay anyway.

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that shot is great.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

chl, i am truly amaze with those shots, great job!!! i feel drinking milk after seeing those, hehehehe yummy.

What kind of electric water dripper did you use?
Have been searching the web for different solutions, but they are hard to find.